The Pakistan Journalists Memorial is an Editors for Safety project that aims to highlight atrocities committed against media professionals in Pakistan, as well as recognise the contribution and sacrifice of the brave individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The online archive will provide a permanent, updated record of cases that capture the impunity with which perpetrators of such violence operate. It also serves as a reminder to the state to fulfil its duties, ensure justice is served, and end this cycle of intimidation.


Editor’s for Safety is a collective of editors and news directors representing a large number of newspapers, TV channels and online news portals, that focuses exclusively on issues related to violence and threats of violence against the media in Pakistan.

Established in 2015, Editors for Safety works towards addressing the alarming level of insecurity faced by media professionals, by means of a basic philosophy that recognises an attack on one journalist or media house as an attack on the entire media.

As a response to threats, those in the organisation assess such situations and jointly make decisions regarding unified media coverage of violence and threats of violence as well as assisting any journalist or media house in dealing with such issues by providing resources, sharing information and expertise, or reaching out to stakeholders involved. The shared goal of members is to speak with one voice against the prevalent culture of impunity where journalists across the country are being attacked on a regular basis, and perpetrators are rarely brought to justice.

Zaffar Abbas, the Editor of Dawn is the serving Chairman of Editors for Safety, while Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) is the secretariat of the organisation.